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QlikView Dynamic TableBox Creation

Reason Sometimes it makes sense to pass some SQL Views through the whole ETL-Process to e.g. use the View “AS-IS” within a NPrinting Report. To achieve this behaviour, wenn need 2 dynamic steps:

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Prepare a new qlik project

Intro If you prepare yourself for a “seeing is believing” workshop or going to start a new qlik project. Be aware that you should prepare your work environment!  System Requirements Based upon the size of your data and the number of clients you need to “size” your server or developer workstation. For a minimum developer […]

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QlikView and Google Analytics – primary key issues

The main challenge I’m facing now, is the definition of a primary key, that allows me to build up my own data mirror to google analytics without messing up the metrics. Walking around on the internet, I found a lot of interesting articles about this and the best solution to come up with, seems to […]

Makros and Automatisation Qlik Tips n Tricks

Source Control for QlikView with git

What you need? So, facing the general question of “reasons” for lacking data quality, one of the most important thinks is transparency within the creation of the KPI’s. To reach this aim, I’ll switched to a full version control management with git to show my QlikView “customers” from where possible “issues” may resulting. To reach […]