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Our Team

Senior BI Consultant and Software Developer
Philipp Frenzel

BI Consultant and Software Developer
Richard Patsch

Senior Business Analyst
Edgar Frenzel

UX-Specialist and UX Design
Martin Walter

Project manager and Quality assurance
Nicole Haar

We love numbers!


Any solution we are building has the need of being available and none destroyable by any interactions – by users or systems.
To ensure this, we are using and developing on stable and well known tools like QlikView, Prevero Coroprate Planning or for
web applications on the amazing MVC-Framework Yii.


Keep it small and simple! We had to listen so often to those words from our dad and now – after understanding why he always came up with it – it became one of our 5 company principles. Knowing your audience and supplying them with the solutions they need is the essential target we focus on! And the user decides if you are having success or not!


Clean is the code we are writing, the interface for the user and of course our kitchen;) Always keeping in mind, that a clean design is portable, scalable and easy to understand and extended by other developers. As we are contributing a lot to open-source solutions, we know the advantages of documented code.


Executive: Philipp Frenzel

Hohewartstr. 32
D-70469 Stuttgart

Tel. 0049 – 7964 – 33 17 54
Fax. 0049 – 7664 – 33 17 55

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