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Install new QVEnterpriseService

Why a service?

Due to many requests of our users, we moved forward and changed from a console application to an windows service. This means all QlikView activities are running in the back and are linked to a system service which brings more “stability” and performance…

01 Administrator I BeeyeQvService Qv Service Manual /en

Testing the Service with SOAP-UI

After you have installed the service, it could be usefull to test the functionallity! We suggest to use the community or commercial version of soapUI, which can be found on sourceforge…

I work with the latest Version 3.6.1 delivered as WindowsEXE.

01 Administrator I BeeyeQvService Qv Service Manual /en

beeyeQvService Installation


To install the beeyeQvService, first you need to fill out the following form and then a download link will be forwarded to you. The download is available for 1 week, after that period, you have to fill out the form again and then you’ll get a new link via Mail.

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Installing PDFPrinter and Configuration

Installing the printer

For the usage of the printing functionallity, we need to install the QlikViewPrinter Version 9 on the Server-Maschine. You can download it from the QlikView Download Page.

After you have installed the printer pls change the settings for “SAVE” as shown in the following screenshot:


Note! It’s important to set those settings, otherwise the “default” file will be saved into a wrong directory and the service will not find the latest produced report to continue it’s work. In the application.config, you can set another directory “defaultpdfuri”, so you can change the path for the printer as long it ist the same as this setting.