Export a Chart or Tablebox via VBScript

As sometimes it makes sense to export data with a loop using VBScript. This little toolset should do the job for you:

Be aware that you need some helpers:

and finally you can export the object like this:

Take care that you’ve added the variables for the path in you enviroment variables or in your load script:


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Source Control for QlikView with git

What you need? So, facing the general question of “reasons” for lacking data quality, one of the most important thinks is transparency within the creation of the KPI’s. To reach this aim, I’ll switched to a full version control management with git to show my QlikView “customers” from where possible “issues” may resulting. To reach this, I first registered myself at bitbucket – because the offer unlimited private repos for teams till 5 people. What means a perfect match for me! I although have an paid account on github, but for this “project” bitbucket fits my needs more. Bitbucket offers a git client “sourcetree” that I although installed (free) and… Read More

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QlikView User Access and Object Access

Introduction Security is one of the main topics and issues, deploying data to different users or group of users. Additional you have to seperate between data filters and object/feature visibilities. To achieve a individual “restriction” we split access rules into: ObjectRights (What a user can “see”) AccessRights (Which data a user can “browse”) Scripts Here you’ll find all scripts that are needed to implement the functionality. Macros Here you’ll find all VBA-Macros that are needed to use the functionality. Loop Sheets

Set Object Visibility


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QlikView Export ChartTo XLS

This script enables you to export a ChartObject to xls by looping over a field, defined within a variable:

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Read and Write QlikView ObjectIDs by Macro

Here is a short script on how to read and write Object Id’s:

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QlikView Makro PDF Print with BullZip PDFCreator QlikViewPDF

Getting the Printer First of all you need to download and install the printer from the official BullZip Webpage, which can be found here: http://www.bullzip.com After the download and installation (GhostScript Requiered) you’ll find a new Printer in your System Settings. QlikView Parts Preparing your System Go to the macro modul in your QlikView Client. And write the following modules:

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