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QlikView and Google Analytics – primary key issues

The main challenge I’m facing now, is the definition of a primary key, that allows me to build up my own data mirror to google analytics without messing up the metrics. Walking around on the internet, I found a lot of interesting articles about this and the best solution to come up with, seems to […]

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QlikView Export ChartTo XLS

This script enables you to export a ChartObject to xls by looping over a field, defined within a variable: //Variables for the ExportObjectMakro Let pstrFieldName = “Standortname”; Let pstrExpObject = “CH526”; Let pstrExpPath = “C:\ttemp”; REM ** MAKRO TO EXPORT OBJECT TO EXCEL ** rem Developed by Frenzel GmbH rem Author Philipp Frenzel Sub ExecByFieldValues […]

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Read and Write QlikView ObjectIDs by Macro

Here is a short script on how to read and write Object Id’s: SUB ReadObjectsAndSetId(SheetName) rem ** minimize all sheet objects on sheet Main ** rem Author Philipp Frenzel set s=ActiveDocument.Sheets(SheetName) for i=0 to s.NoOfSheetObjects-1 ‘the formula for our rights management varVisibility = s.GetProperties.SheetId & s.SheetObjects(i).getObjectId Set obj = ActiveDocument.GetSheetObject(s.SheetObjects(i).getObjectId) Set objProp = obj.GetProperties Set […]

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QlikView Generate Dynamic Variables

Sometimes it could be very usefull to generate variable dynamicaly, in QlikView you can do this easily with a trick inside the load statement of you application! Here is a short example (will give you some examples for a smart usage later): TRACE — LOAD ACTION AND EVENT —; VariableTable: LOAD DISTINCT tblActionType.ActionType AS VariableName […]