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Loading Google Analytics with QlikView

General To keep reports compatible, the following dimensions are alway loaded as a minimum: ga:browser ga:deviceCategory ga:pagePath ga:date Add Measures Now as the dimensions are set, you can add up to 5 measures to be grouped by and displayed. QlikView Load Script

If you don’t have QVSource running, you can use the query explorer and the url with the (1hour) token included to load the data like this. Then I recommend that you put this token into a variable to which will be passed to the script while you wanna load it. Enhancement If you have multiple sites you wanna load, just pack the hole load script into a… Read More

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QlikView and Google Analytics – primary key issues

The main challenge I’m facing now, is the definition of a primary key, that allows me to build up my own data mirror to google analytics without messing up the metrics. Walking around on the internet, I found a lot of interesting articles about this and the best solution to come up with, seems to be the option to hand over custom variables to google analytics. This custom variables allow you to identify a single session and then you can grep the related data to it! For the historical data, I have to come up with another solution, as the tracking ID will only be implemented for the upcoming periods.… Read More

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