Absence-Administration / Holidaydatabank

HR – Time Measurement


Administer your employee-absences with our beeye.hr solution.



  • Add company locations
  • Add departments
  • Determine application trustees who may edit holiday applications
  • Define working-time-models and shifting cycles
  • Arrange holiday restictions
  • Add company-internal free days (e.g. half-day on christmas/new years eve)
  • Optional remaining leave decay at certain dates (certain employees can be imposed)

Administer Holidays

  • Application for leave by employees (free days, half-days, special holidays)
  • Automatic collision tests (holiday interferences, overlapping with substitution)
  • Automatic calculation and transfer of remaining leave for the next year
  • Election of a substitute
  • New holiday applications by employees
  • Trustees can edit holiday entries
  • Immediate e-mail notification after new applications or changes

Employee Administration

  • Login for every employee with their e-mail addresses
  • Holiday administration of employees without login
  • Configure leave entitlement per employee and year
  • Eligibility stages per employee
  • Automatic caluclation of remaining leave
  • Clearly arranged yearly calendar of your employees
  • Clearly arranged department calendar


  • Consideration of state specifcic holidays for Germany, Austria and Switzerland (more on request)
  • Intuitive handling, no training needed
  • Exportable to other calendars (e.g. Outlook, Google Calendar and iCalendar)

Employee Login

  • Overview of all own leave applications
  • Overview of all own absences
  • Department-calendar
  • Automatic calculation of holiday accounts
  • Clearly arranged year calendar
  • Every important information depending holidays easily accessible

Administer Absences

  • Different absence-types like illness, business trip, training school
  • You decide if employees are able to administer their own absences or if a trustee has to do it

Administer Holiday-Applications

  • Department-admins are informed by e-mail about every new leave application
  • Clearly arranged holiday-application with all the needed employee data
  • Overlapping holidays with one’s substitute or other colleagues are displayed
  • Approval and denial of applications, the employee will be notified by e-mail automatically


  • Timeouts
  • Illness-notes
  • Substitution problems


The System costs 1 (one) EUR(€) per employee per month. On-site installation for 1 day costs 600 EUR(€) plus travel-costs.