What Is Eye-Tracking

Eye tracking is the process of using sensors to locate features of the eyes and estimate where someone is looking (point of gaze). Our technology relies on infrared illumination and uses advanced mathematical models to determine the point of gaze. We’ve spent a tremendous amount of effort on making it fully automatic and easy to set up so that it works accurately and reliably in a wide range of environments.Eye tracking can be used in a wide variety of applications typically categorized as active or passive. Active applications involve device control, for example aiming in games, eye activated login or hands-free typing. Passive applications include performance analysis of design, layout and advertising. Other examples are vehicle safety, medical diagnostics and academic research.

Our Service

We optimize your user experience. Back up your design with quantifiable data. We visualize how our UX-Design works using heat maps.
Data captured includes:

  • Thinkaloud voice recording
  • Webcam recording
  • Mouse clicks
  • Pupil diameter data
  • Where users stop scrolling

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