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Prepare a new qlik project


If you prepare yourself for a “seeing is believing” workshop or going to start a new qlik project. Be aware that you should prepare your work environment!

System Requirements

Based upon the size of your data and the number of clients you need to “size” your server or developer workstation.

For a minimum developer workstation you should at least have:

  • 500GB HardDrive (2 Partitions 100,400)
  • >= i5 (min 2CPU)
  • 8 GB RAM

For a minimum server you should at least have:

  • 500GB HardDrive (2 Partitions 100,400)
  • >= 4 CPU (current tech)
  • 16 GB RAM

If you wonder why the server needs “more” ressources, it’s because each user will generate a little overhead working on the server!

Data Access

Depending on the customers data sources and to download little helpers, it’s helpful to have:

  • Access to the internet
  • File Access to all “text” based data sources
  • ODBC or OLEDB READ Account (we recommend to name it QVREADER)

Data Structure

People who work with the data and can deliver as much data structure knowledge as possible.

Data “Digging”

After you have access to the datasources, build an quick and “dirty” qvd datastaging layer. We normally suggest to do this in our qlik project template – so work is usable for production later. Take a look at the data loading “FIRST 10000” records from each datasourse and build a quick star schema.

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