Lesson 2 – Basic script syntax


In this lesson we are focusing on the most frequent script commands and their practical application.

Basic structure syntax

Some of the most frequently used commands are:

  • LOAD

With which data in QlikView can be identified and loaded

If you are uncertain exactly how a command is used, use the in QlikView integrated help. It provides a short summary of every command, also syntax examples.


The CONNECT-command establishes a connection to:

  • ODBC
  • or OLE-DB

Data sources. The connection to this data source is valid until you execute a new Connect and then the “old” connection is removed. You can use any number of these connections in a QlikView script. In practice, however, it has proven to be only 1-2 connections per document, since more complex logics should be represented differently. (See later lesson – project organization)


The SELECT command corresponds to the official SQL specification and is used to extract the corresponding data from the connected data source. The syntax depends on the database driver and requires more knowledge about the database management system to which access occurs.



The LOAD-command loads fields from:

  • in a specified ASCII-file
  • tables in the QlikView storage
  • Excel-Documents
  • XML Documents
  • Web-Documents

The following syntax model applies:


  • Establish a connection to a databank of choice
  • Load a table from said databank
  • Search a connected databank and load it
  • View the result in the table tree view