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QlikView and Google Analytics – primary key issues

The main challenge I’m facing now, is the definition of a primary key, that allows me to build up my own data mirror to google analytics without messing up the metrics. Walking around on the internet, I found a lot of interesting articles about this and the best solution to come up with, seems to be the option to hand over custom variables to google analytics. This custom variables allow you to identify a single session and then you can grep the related data to it!

For the historical data, I have to come up with another solution, as the tracking ID will only be implemented for the upcoming periods. And as google doesn’t want people to be able to track the visitors down to the detail record (limit of 10 to dimensions and metrics) I’ll have to work with a “bridge” anyway.


After some time of investigation, with the new google universal analytics you can use the following steps to get a unique primary key!

  1. You need to login to your google analytics account.
  2. Screenshot 2014-11-11 11.47.22 Then enter the “Admin” Menu, so you can add the new custom dimension.
    Screenshot 2014-11-11 11.47.31
  3. After you generated the custom variable, google offers you the code to include into your webpage:
    Screenshot 2014-11-11 11.48.08

So by doing this, the new custom dimension is available and can be “queried” although by the connector.

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