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QlikView and Google Analytics – Getting Started


as I got the challenge to integrate Google Analytics into our company warehouse with QlikView I will write a series of hopefully more or less usefull articles on how to fetch the data needed.

For accessing the Google Analytics API (v3) you have two possibilities:

  1. You are a technic geek and you know how to use REST-Services and OPENAUTH
  2. You use the ready to use and well tested tool QVSource –

As we had some time pressure for the analysis and I didn’t wanna write the “fetcher” by myself. We decided to order and use the QVSource solution.

Where to start?

Facing the “KPI-Definition List” from our marketing department and looking inside the google analytics dev documentation I realized that this will be a time consuming and knowledge building task;)

After digging into more and more details (help from dev friends) I ended up on this fancy little tool:

Google Analytics Query Explorer 2
Google Analytics Query Explorer 2

How to configure this tool is as simple as login into the tool with your oauth google credentlials (your normal google account). Then you can select the google analytics profile and the site you wanna query on.

To get started, I build a simple request structure where I ask for the dimension:

  • ga:date (YYYYMMDD)

Can be selected as followed:

Screenshot 2014-08-11 13.30.18

And the following metrics:

  • ga:users (former visitors)
  • ga:sessions (former visits)
  • ga:pageviews

If you have the feeling of getting lost within dimensions and metrics (measures) within the google analytics datamodel – I did so too – took me about 2 days to understand what’s going on (birdseye)…

The really cool part now is, that by clicking on the following symbol:

Screenshot 2014-08-11 13.36.29You’ll get the query uri for the latest Google Analytics API, that you can (if you although decide to use the QVSource solution) copy and paste within the follwing dialog in QVSource:

Screenshot 2014-08-11 13.47.12

After you clicked this you can use the generated code to fetch the first records from google!

I made a quick an dirty line/bar chart to display the so fetched metrics:

qlik view first quick chart
qlik view first quick chart

Check out my next posts, to see and learn more! Philipp;)

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