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Setup basic yii2 application

As your environment should be up and running. It’s time to get your first yii2 page to live! 😉 The easiest way – and which is described perfectly here:

As some of the details on how to setup this can change and are always the latest on the link above. I will not any details here. If you have questions about it, of course you are welcome to ask me here!

After I went through the install procedure, to ensure it’s really that simple… Here are some additional notes I have to share, as it will make life easier.

1. As version management is not only “cool” it’s although pretty usefull! Thats why I suggest you to grep yourself an account at github ( Of course their are more version control systems than github. But just as I told you in the early beginning – I’m an economist and this plattform is easy to understand, fast to setup and it supports none coders to work with a version control system super fast!

2. After you have registered your new github account, pls. make a new project called e.g. “playgroundone”, which you can use for the installation of your first yii2 basic app.

3. Before you start with the installation of yii-basic-app, clone your playground to your desktop (pls. put it into your webroot!) by using the github client software and then within the new cloned project, start the installation procedure!

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