01 Administrator B Report Management Common Qv Service Manual /en

Report Management – new Report

After you have logged in as Administrator and you’ve clicked the “HOME” link, you’ll see the “manage Reports” – Button at the bottom of the page. Pls. click it and you’ll get forwarded to the following page:

Administration Reports

On the right portlet, you can select the action “Create Report”, do this and you’ll get forwarded to the following page:

Create new report

on this page you need to fill out the following fields grouped into the following categories.


Here you need to fill out:

  • Report Name – give the report a name that will be unique for you
  • Description – short description of the content of the report, will be displayed in the “My Reports” section!
  • Responsible – who is responsible for the report creation and the content inside
  • Type – currently only mail is supported



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