01 Administrator A Organisation Management Common Qv Service Manual /en

Manage Organisations

Manage Organisations

If you followed the installation steps inside this blog/manual, you should see the following webpage after you entered the folloeing URL:



The default admin-account is username: admin and password: admin . Pls enter and hit the login page. After you have logged in, pls continue and navigate by the top menu to the <<Home>> page. You will see the following Screen:


You have to be logged in as admin, otherwise you will not see the relevant actions and you are not allowed to perform them! To manage users for the application or recipients for the sending of mails, you need to create and manage them. To do so, you can find the user/organisation management under the <<Manage Organisation>>-Button. After you clicked on it, you should see the following screen:


As you can see, a list of all existing users is shown with the possibility to search by different fields. To create a new user in the portlet on the right side, there is a button <<create user>> pls. click it to get forwarded to the “create new user”-page:


Pls. fill out the fields and hit the button <<create>>. Communication information can be added after the user has been created, while clicking on the update button in the management view. A detailed description can be found in the related article in this blog.

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