QlikView Generating Year over Year Targets

From time to time you have to create budget figures upon a percentage change compared to the last year. This can be a little bit difficult, depending on the complexity of the KPI. The following example is build upon a pre-cleaned datamart and shows how you create the monthly figures for you budget.

As you can see the real magic here is done in the FOR-TO-Loop, here it shows a cumulated budget figure, but you can easily change to a mothly figure!


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Load multiple GoogleAnalytics-Properties at once w/ dynamic metrics in QlikView

Our objective is to load GoogleAnalytics data, seperated in months with a dynamic metric, fixed dimensions and for multiple Properties. To achieve this we’re using the QlikView addon: QVSource. The script contains the following (important) variables: gAppId = googleAnalytics PropertyId vMetric  = the dynamic metric, we want to load (note that this script will only load 1 metric per request) First of all we need to define our googleAppIds within a static table.

Now we have to loop through our table:

  As our loadGoogleId Sub is still missing we have to add this here:

Here is just a loop to address every single month within our… Read More

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QlikView Script Sub for Dataloading

Sorry, typo in the path variable, now fixed! Enjoy the script!

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QlikView Generate Dynamic Variables

Sometimes it could be very usefull to generate variable dynamicaly, in QlikView you can do this easily with a trick inside the load statement of you application! Here is a short example (will give you some examples for a smart usage later):

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QlikView BestPractice – Keep your solution simple!

Introduction I develop QlikView solutions now since more than 4 years and I write software since more than 15 years 😉 damn I’m getting old… So as I started to work with QlikView I was more than fascinated by the “easyness” of getting results shown. But als live seems to be simple, the real world hitted me after a fiew months… Don’t get me wrong! I really love QlikView and I think it’s currently the best Business Intelligence Solution on the market, but you need to take care of your development as you always needed to take care of performance, scalability and maintanace! In this article I write down “MY”… Read More

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Geolocating with QlikView and Yahoo Placefinder REST API

Why? Everyone who analysis company or private data has a regional aspect. Knowing your customer although means to know where he is located.  As I found a lot of interesting HowTo’s on the internet, but sadly none that really fits my needs… I decided to write a complete HowTo for QlikView and Yahoo’s Placefinder API. I know that other API’s – like Googles Route – deliver the same information, but due to some “license” mathers I choose Yahoo’s one! If you want more information about the YAHOO API and the result given back in my example, pls refer to the original documentation! 😉 If you have questions or you want… Read More

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