Qlik XML aus Feld in Tabelle einlesen

Ausgangslage Der Kunde liefert eine Wertetabelle, bei der in einer der Spalten XML-Daten ohne feste Struktur vorhanden sind. Diese sollen so aufbereitet werden, dass diese Struktur als eigene Felder im Datenmodel aufscheinen. Tabelle: id Attribute Attributevalue FromDate 1 1 <Attr1>123</Attr1><name>Test</name> 42005 2 2 <price>10.50</price> 41911 Vorgehen Daten ergänzen <root> node Tabelle in XML Textdatei exportieren […]

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extended dataloader


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QlikView Generating Year over Year Targets

From time to time you have to create budget figures upon a percentage change compared to the last year. This can be a little bit difficult, depending on the complexity of the KPI. The following example is build upon a pre-cleaned datamart and shows how you create the monthly figures for you budget.

As […]

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QlikView Script Sub for Dataloading

Sorry, typo in the path variable, now fixed! Enjoy the script!

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QlikView – Color Blend by Dimension Value

Overview Sometimes you wanna define a “color schema” by the values of a dimension. The easiest way is to generate a mapping table where each dimensionvalue gets an color assigned. Downloads First load the color table as CSV from here and save them into the same folder where you wanna create and run the QlikView […]

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Export a Chart or Tablebox via VBScript

As sometimes it makes sense to export data with a loop using VBScript. This little toolset should do the job for you:

Be aware that you need some helpers:

and finally you can export the object like this:

Take care that you’ve added the variables for the path in you enviroment variables […]

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QlikView and Google Analytics – Getting Started

Hello, as I got the challenge to integrate Google Analytics into our company warehouse with QlikView I will write a series of hopefully more or less usefull articles on how to fetch the data needed. For accessing the Google Analytics API (v3) you have two possibilities: You are a technic geek and you know how […]

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