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Datamodelling Qlik Concatenate, Power BI Combine, SQL Union

The last 6 months have been quiet full of many new things to learn – after working more than 10 years with qlik and SQL a new player named “Power BI” has been added to my skills. So getting more and more used to it, I feel, like I should give other qlik developers to […]

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Qlik XML aus Feld in Tabelle einlesen

Ausgangslage Der Kunde liefert eine Wertetabelle, bei der in einer der Spalten XML-Daten ohne feste Struktur vorhanden sind. Diese sollen so aufbereitet werden, dass diese Struktur als eigene Felder im Datenmodel aufscheinen. Tabelle: id Attribute Attributevalue FromDate 1 1 <Attr1>123</Attr1><name>Test</name> 42005 2 2 <price>10.50</price> 41911 Vorgehen Daten ergänzen <root> node Tabelle in XML Textdatei exportieren […]

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QlikView Dynamic TableBox Creation

Reason Sometimes it makes sense to pass some SQL Views through the whole ETL-Process to e.g. use the View “AS-IS” within a NPrinting Report. To achieve this behaviour, wenn need 2 dynamic steps:

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Global Calendar

Having a well structured calender within your qlikview app allows you to build faster charts and reports. Speak to your internal customers about their report layouts and you’ll see that most people have a common sense on how to combine data over time. Below you will find a list of fields which we recommend to […]

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extended dataloader

/** * LoadSourceTableByName * @param TableName String the name of the table that will be exported * @param Historical Boolean if a historical version will be saved on a monthtly basis, pls. check comment! * @version 1.01 * @author Philipp Frenzel <philipp@frenzel.net> */ SUB LoadSourceTableByName(NameSpace, TableAlias, TableName, Historical) LET varTableName = TableName; LET varTableAlias = […]

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QlikView Generating Year over Year Targets

From time to time you have to create budget figures upon a percentage change compared to the last year. This can be a little bit difficult, depending on the complexity of the KPI. The following example is build upon a pre-cleaned datamart and shows how you create the monthly figures for you budget. /** * […]

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Load multiple GoogleAnalytics-Properties at once w/ dynamic metrics in QlikView

Our objective is to load GoogleAnalytics data, seperated in months with a dynamic metric, fixed dimensions and for multiple Properties. To achieve this we’re using the QlikView addon: QVSource. The script contains the following (important) variables: gAppId = googleAnalytics PropertyId vMetric  = the dynamic metric, we want to load (note that this script will only […]

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Loading Google Analytics with QlikView

General To keep reports compatible, the following dimensions are alway loaded as a minimum: ga:browser ga:deviceCategory ga:pagePath ga:date Add Measures Now as the dimensions are set, you can add up to 5 measures to be grouped by and displayed. QlikView Load Script Trace loading the values day by day; FOR zz = 2012 TO 2015 […]

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QlikView Script Sub for Dataloading

/** * LoadSourceTableByName * @param TableName String the name of the table that will be exported * @param Historical Boolean if a historical version will be saved on a monthtly basis, pls. check comment! * @version 1.0 * @author Philipp Frenzel <philipp@frenzel.net> */ SUB LoadSourceTableByName(TableName, Historical) LET varTableName = TableName; QUALIFY “*”; $(varTableName): LOAD *; […]

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Project Documentation with github and markdown

A very important step while implementing more or less complex solutions is the availability of a documentation. While I’m really a fan of version based work, I will describe a quick an simple way, how I document my projects with github and markdown. For all of you who don’t know markdown, it’s a simple “what […]