Lektion 4 – Strukturieren des Skriptes und nutzen von Funktionen

Übersicht Um bei längeren Skripten den Überblick nicht zu verlieren, gibt es die Möglichkeit das Skript zu strukturieren. Dazu bietet QlikView die Möglichkeit mittels Registerkarten zu gliedern. Zusätzlich nutzen wir einfache Funktionen zur Anreicherung unseres Datenmodels. Registerblatt anlegen Um das Auffinden von Ladelogiken im Skript zu vereinfachen, strukturieren Sie das Skript, indem Sie neue Registerkarten […]

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Export a Chart or Tablebox via VBScript

As sometimes it makes sense to export data with a loop using VBScript. This little toolset should do the job for you:

Be aware that you need some helpers:

and finally you can export the object like this:

Take care that you’ve added the variables for the path in you enviroment variables […]

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Connect QlikView to UpdateCRM – xmlInterface

Grepping metadata To get the information about a table, just use:

Loading Data To retrieve all data from table company:


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Update QlikView Services by batch


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yii2 fullcalendar extension

Hi, due to some people are really using the yii2 fullcalendar extension – of course I use it in my own projects – I made some fixes, upgraded to the latest version 2.1 and put up an demo site of the extension, which can be found here: http://yii2fullcalendar.beeye.org/ Enjoy! If you have any questions, pls. […]

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Setting up a new workstation (apple mac pro)

Today I got a new MacPro, as my old one died of ram and batteries decease:( For myself and all other crazy developers, I describe what I’m setting up, step by step, to get a production machine! Startpoint To make it simpe, I just clicked through the apple wizzards and ended up with a ready […]

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New Karaoke Catalogue

Hey, I just developed a karaoke catalogue. It show’s you how to use the amazing possibilities of big data and open data on how to put different content sources together and get a more or less powerfull application. I will enhance the app a little bit more within the next days! If you have any […]

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Sunday Funday

Hi, as i gained a little bit weight during the last view months, I decided to start with sports again. Just so you know, in my past, I was pretty used to do sports and due to an accident with my feets, I didn’t get the chance to continue. But now, as the time has […]

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QlikView ObjectTypes

The following object types for macro automatisation are existing:

To read the object type you can use the following syntax:

You need this to manipulate the “Settings” which can be found “separatly” based upon the object type!

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Quality Enhancements on User-Feedback

Dear all! Based upon recent user requests “readers” which are telling me, that content is always usable, but the presentation needs to be improved a lot… I promise for now and the future to keep in mind, that not every reader is already used to VBA or any other programming language. If an post seems […]

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