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extended dataloader

/** * LoadSourceTableByName * @param TableName String the name of the table that will be exported * @param Historical Boolean if a historical version will be saved on a monthtly basis, pls. check comment! * @version 1.01 * @author Philipp Frenzel <philipp@frenzel.net> */ SUB LoadSourceTableByName(NameSpace, TableAlias, TableName, Historical) LET varTableName = TableName; LET varTableAlias = […]

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Load multiple GoogleAnalytics-Properties at once w/ dynamic metrics in QlikView

Our objective is to load GoogleAnalytics data, seperated in months with a dynamic metric, fixed dimensions and for multiple Properties. To achieve this we’re using the QlikView addon: QVSource. The script contains the following (important) variables: gAppId = googleAnalytics PropertyId vMetric  = the dynamic metric, we want to load (note that this script will only […]