Datamodelling Qlik Concatenate, Power BI Combine, SQL Union

The last 6 months have been quiet full of many new things to learn – after working more than 10 years with qlik and SQL a new player named “Power BI” has been added to my skills. So getting more and more used to it, I feel, like I should give other qlik developers to understand faster how both world solve the same issues;)

The issue is simple and I use it very often for the appending two fact tables with each other. I keep this solutions “small” so I’m not showing you how to create a “manual” demo table…

Solution in SQL

So this looks quiet simple 😉

Solution in Qlikscript

Looks simple too!;)

Solution in PowerQuery

This seems to be the shortest code sample, anyway you should not forgett, that the datasources are different, so for example 1, this can only be run on a SQL-Server. Qlik Script includes the datasource already in the script (csv-files) and for powerquery I ignored to add the connection to the datasources, which would have blown up the sample!