Load multiple GoogleAnalytics-Properties at once w/ dynamic metrics in QlikView

Our objective is to load GoogleAnalytics data, seperated in months with a dynamic metric, fixed dimensions and for multiple Properties. To achieve this we’re using the QlikView addon: QVSource. The script contains the following (important) variables:

  • gAppId = googleAnalytics PropertyId
  • vMetric  = the dynamic metric, we want to load (note that this script will only load 1 metric per request)

First of all we need to define our googleAppIds within a static table.

Now we have to loop through our table:


As our loadGoogleId Sub is still missing we have to add this here:

Here is just a loop to address every single month within our prefered timespan. (one step for every month, as we want one table/file for every month). We call LoadGoogle in every step and store it afterwards.

LoadGoogle is the Sub, where the true magic happens. You have to build your LOADing-Statement with the QVSource-GoogleAnalyitcsConnector / DataFromQueryURI. Now you have to modify your string like the one below (just add the variables where they are required):