Whale and Dolphin Watch – La Gomera

Where to go?

If you ever had the wish to watch whales and dolphins in real “free” live, than one of the many places to go can be La Gomera, one of the tiny islands in the canary group.

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Depending on the time of the year, you can see different whales and/or dolphins. One of the “whale watching” companies has a detailed log about what has been seen and when (http://oceanogomera.blogspot.de/)! I wrote an tiny qlikview app, which can be downloaded here, so you can make yourself a quick impression:)

 What you can see?

  • Pilotwale – Pilot whales – Calderones tropicales – Globicéphales
  • Fleckendelfine – Atlantic Spotted Dolphins – Delfines moteados – Dauphins tachetés de l’Atlantique
  • Brydewal – Bryde’s whale – Rorcual tropical- Rorqual tropical
  • Grosse Tümmler – Bottlenose dolphins – Delfines mulares – Grands dauphins
  • Gewöhnliche Delfine – Common Dolphins – Delfines comunes – Dauphins communs

What we have seen!

We went out by boat 4 times during our one week stay! 😉 We choose YANI – http://www.excursionesyani.es/index.php/en – as they had a glass bottom boat and was kind of big and same time small enough to ride with! The whole team was super friendly and tried to answer our questions as good as possible!

Here is what we saw:


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