Sunday Funday

Hi, as i gained a little bit weight during the last view months, I decided to start with sports again. Just so you know, in my past, I was pretty used to do sports and due to an accident with my feets, I didn’t get the chance to continue. But now, as the time has come to start over again;) Here are some important thoughts that I wanna share to all of you!

1st, even as you might think sports should be competetive, I can tell you: yes they are! 2nd, important is with whom you compete and this is the important thing for all of us: It’s yourself. The person you love and hate the most! It’s just yourself putting targets for you and only you can judge if you succeeded or not!
3rd, don’t judge yourself to hard. My Brother laughed so hard at me, seeing my 20min workouts on movescount – so I looked at him and just asked for his last 20min workout, which solved the problem:)
4th, care about people after you cared about yourself! If you got overtaken by another runner – just don’t mind, you are competing with yourself!
5th, the last tip I have for you: HAVE FUN!

Cheers Phil

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