Prepare your system

Before you can start using the framework with it’s full features, you need to setup the basement to run it on. The easiest way to do so, is to use the xampp-installer from the apachefriends which can be found on their website: Their you will find a complete set of tutorials and instructions on […]

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Introduction to yii2

Hello World! In the next weeks/months I will post a series about how to use the new yii2 php framework from the point of view of a economist. To be honest, I write code since a view years, but always under the aspect of building apps, that are simple, do their work and I can […]

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QlikView ObjectTypes

The following object types for macro automatisation are existing:

To read the object type you can use the following syntax:

You need this to manipulate the “Settings” which can be found “separatly” based upon the object type!

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QlikView User Access and Object Access

Introduction Security is one of the main topics and issues, deploying data to different users or group of users. Additional you have to seperate between data filters and object/feature visibilities. To achieve a individual “restriction” we split access rules into: ObjectRights (What a user can “see”) AccessRights (Which data a user can “browse”)  Scripts Here […]

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