QlikView Export ChartTo XLS

This script enables you to export a ChartObject to xls by looping over a field, defined within a variable:

Color Blind of ChartObject

To save the trees, it can be very usefull to switch the chart from a colored version to a black white one. this can be done with the follwing macro and a button to execute…

ColorTable QlikView HTML4 Color Loader

ColorManagement in QlikView is sometimes a bit of a pain. To get a subset of standard colors you can use this script and the appended csv-File to get the html4 standard colors (by name).

This script enables you to import all standard html4 colors:

And you can download a zip example from here:


And looks like:

Read and Write QlikView ObjectIDs by Macro

Here is a short script on how to read and write Object Id’s: