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Geolocating with QlikView and Yahoo Placefinder REST API


Everyone who analysis company or private data has a regional aspect. Knowing your customer although means to know where he is located.  As I found a lot of interesting HowTo’s on the internet, but sadly none that really fits my needs… I decided to write a complete HowTo for QlikView and Yahoo’s Placefinder API. I know that other API’s – like Googles Route – deliver the same information, but due to some “license” mathers I choose Yahoo’s one! If you want more information about the YAHOO API and the result given back in my example, pls refer to the original documentation! 😉 If you have questions or you want me to implement the solution, feel free to contact me! 😉 Enjoy!

Needed Information?

To display the customer as a spot on a map, you need the following informations:


  • The Adress of the customer containing
    • Street + Number of the building
    • Town
    • (Zipcode)
    • (Country)


By having this informations, you can get the latidute and the longitude of the customer!

  • Latitude
  • Longitude

Transform the adress to the needed latitude and longitude!

After checking the yahoo API, I decided to choose the WHEREIS-methods to translate my customer adress to lat n long. A short example of a request looks like this:

http://where.yahooapis.com/geocode?appid=APIKEY&q=Hohlweggasse 7, 1030 Vienna

By sending this request you will get a nice XML-document back, which delivers us the needed lat n long from the customer and some more powerfull and interesting information! One of the most important fields to qualify the result is the quality-Field (take care it’s the lower one!) which tells us wheather the result is ready-to-use or not!

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