To install the beeyeQvService, first you need to fill out the following form and then a download link will be forwarded to you. The download is available for 1 week, after that period, you have to fill out the form again and then you’ll get a new link via Mail.

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To let the service run in the right way, you need to set the correct settings for the SOAP-Host and the Mail-Account you wanna send the mails with.

The problem is, that the One-Click Installer from Microsoft puts the files for the EXE and the config into a “mysterious” directory. E.g. on my PC this can be found here:


Inside the directory you hava about 6 Files, important for us are:

  • pepeQvService.exe (Application)
  • pepeQvService.exe.config (CONFIG File)

To edit SOAP-Host and Mail, you need to open the CONFIG File with a text editor. At the end of this txt-File you will find xml-tags looking like this:

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