Qv Service Manual

Qv Service Manual

by Philipp Frenzel (info@beeye.org)

beeye Qv Service is a wrapper class for some of the basic OCX-Methods from QlikView to SOAP. Feel free to implement it in your own solutions or use my yii based (webbased) solution.

For those who don’t know qlikview, they can take a look at www.qlikview.com where you will find a lot of useful informations to this perfect in memory analysing tool. (Business Intelligence) As it is the best tool for dynamic dataanalysis, the report generation and distribution is not really usable. For a lot of money you can buy the qlikview distribution server with the print functionality but specially for SMB-companys it’s not a way to go. As I work for such an SMB I build this solution in my “free”-time and share it to you over this blog. Feel free to use it and take care about the license;)

There will be an enterprise version of the service that has the following advantages:

  • better performance
  • direct access to QlikView Server (now console application and open qlikview client is needed)
  • connectivity to individual datasources

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