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Manage Communication

Manage Communications

After you have created a new user, you need to add the information on how to deploy the reports generated by QlikView. This can be done by a click on the update (PENCIL) symbol in the admin interface, which can be found here:


After that you will get forwarded to the organisation detail page – as it is now no more a new user, at the bottom you will find a new area, where you can manage the different communication options for the user, available parameters are:

  • E-Mail : info@beeye.org
  • Share: \\\public\reports\user
  • Fax: 0049 711 852505@faxgateway.com

If you are interested in an individual deployment, tell us about! At the moment, we think this will fit most of the common needs.

To create a new communication, you’ll find a link <<new communcation>> at the bottom of the page:


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