Check ReportsUpdate for is_array();

ReportsController::ActionCreate() is not working correct (missing 1:n day assignment and wrong redirect)

new SOAP method for QlikView Objects

So, as I currently work on a solution, where you will be able to implement a graph from QlikView into a webpage (as bmp or gif). I needed to get the ObjectID’s of a specific QlikView Document. So reading the API i can now inroduce the new funtion:


This returns an Object with the following parameters:

  1. _docName
  2. _ObjectID
  3. _SheetID

With this combination, it is possible to refenrence any object by the SOAP Service;)

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QV Mailer Service Web Frontend Functions

Mail Administration Interface

For the distribution of QlikView PDF Reports via Mail, I build and am building an interface that implements the following functionalities:

  • User Management
  • Report Management
    • Including Recipient Selections
    • Including Filter Builder
    • Individual Mailing of Report (PUSH)
    • Individual Mailing of Reports (PULL)

The system is keeped clean and simple! I will post some screenshots to make it more „visible“.