General Design of QvDocumentService


Many functions of the qlikview API are interesting, but only available when you run qlikview on your local Windows PC. Sometimes it would be very useful to have Document Informations available without QlikView installed or start e.g. a Print Job by an remote call.

To use the api more user friendly, I implemented an SOAP-Service as wrapper, that allows users with access to the SOAP-Server to use some of the basic informations and functionallities. This means:

  • Getting a list of available fiels inside a qv-document
  • Getting a list of available values inside a field of a qv-document
  • Getting the current selection of a field (values)
  • Getting a list of available Reports
  • Starting a print-job while adressing an url

As it should be easy to use, I build up an webadministration backend based on yii – – which can be easily installed on an xampp – sytem. –

I will put up an detailled installation description in a seperate page.

Class design



  • _DocName
  • _ListOfFields
  • _ListOfValues


  • beeyeQvField
    • _DocName
    • _FieldName
  • beeyeQvValue
    • _DocName
    • _FieldName
    • _FieldValue


beeyegetQvValues(_docName,_fieldName,_searchString (optional))